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Welcome is a free tool for school counselors, independent counselors, and community-based organizations to ease the burden of scheduling visits with college representatives, maintain awareness of where students reside in the admissions process, and conveniently and securely submit materials directly to institutions. offers a seamless integration with Slate, the preeminent technology solution for higher education admissions offices, allowing for real-time updates on the status of your students who may have applied to any of the more than 600 colleges and universities using Slate.


We all should focus on fit. Provide potential admissions visitors with a detailed summary about your school, your students, and your program offerings.


Interacting with a college representative is one of the first steps many students take on their path to higher education. Through, display available visit times, customize instructions, and communicate changes with visiting representatives. Any institution, regardless of their status as a Slate partner, will have access to your schedule of events on a public-facing portal.


Let’s be honest: you assist a lot of students. Maintaining awareness of where they stand in the college admissions process can be overwhelming at times. integrates with Slate and provides a direct link to over 600 of the leading colleges and universities in the United States. View statuses, checklist items, and upload materials directly through the portal. Staying current has never been easier.


The Slate Difference

Technolutions' flagship product, Slate, is process-built to meet the demands of the modern admissions office. extends this relationship to where the conversations about college start. With you.

As a free tool, is designed to provide a stronger relationship between school counselors and admissions offices by keeping everyone on the same page with your students' best interests at heart. We're here to provide a conduit for sharing data, not to sell it. Student data will never be bought or sold, and is free, and will remain free, for everyone including students, schools, counselors, and colleges.